Presentations to Members


Like its sister Lodges, Bannockburn Bruce & Thistle No. 312 has never been slow to recognise and appreciate those brethren who have given exemplary service to the Lodge.

Throughout the Lodge's history such valued members have been presented with various tokens of appreciation and these are recorded here.

1869   The first member to be recognised in this manner was Bro. James Garrow P.M. who was presented with a Silver Snuff Box on the occasion of him moving to Glasgow as a "testimonial for the services which he had rendered in connection with this Lodge".

As mentioned elsewhere in this book, Bro. Garrow was installed as R.W.M. in 1856 (25 years after his first term as R.W.M.) to resurrect the Lodge after a period of abeyance.  He guided the Lodge as R.W.M. for a further three years during which time the Lodge re-established its presence and never again had to go into abeyance.

1877   In gratitude of his completion of six years as Master of the Lodge (1871 - 77) retiring R.W.M. Bro. George Watson was presented with a handsome Drawing Room Marble Timepiece. Bro. Watson subsequently chaired every meeting of the Lodge during his year as I.P.M. signing the minute on every occasion as Acting R.W.M. before being re-installed as R.W.M. during the period 1878 - 83. Bro. George Watson served the Lodge as Master for a period of 12 years, albeit one of those years was as "Acting Master".

1896   Two brethren who were going overseas, Brother Neil Gillies to China and James F. Denovan to South Africa, were presented with Gold Jewels on what was a unique farewell occasion.

1901   A presentation was made by the Lodge to Bro. A. McCowan to mark his 25 years as Lodge Treasurer. The presentation was made by Bro. Rev. Andrew Morrison.

1902   Bro. I. McIntosh, who had presented the Lodge with Pedestals for the Senior and Junior Wardens six years previously, was presented with a walking stick and silver pencil by the Brethren on the occasion of his leaving the district. An umbrella was also presented to Mrs. McIntosh.

1916   A Gold Albert Chain and Seal and a life membership certificate were presented to Bro. George Don who had been the Lodge Tyler for 25 years.

1922   A subscription was opened by members to present P.M. medals to Bros. Dr. John Morrison and Henry Postle. These were presented to at the Festival of St John. This is the first recorded presentation of P.M. medals or Jewels in the Lodge's history.

1928   An inscribed Gold Watch was presented to Bro. John Rennie I.P.M. in recognition of services rendered to the Lodge in connection with the building of the Temple.

1944   During the Festival of St John in 1944, the Lodge made a presentation of a desk to the retiring Master Bro. James Wilson in appreciation of his four years service as R.W.M. The Lodge also presented Bro. Wilson with a Gold wrist watch for Mrs.Wilson.

Bro. Wilson served as Master for a period of four consecutive years from 1940 to 1944. The Lodge Minute of 30th November 1944 records a number of tributes paid by individual Brethren, thereby demonstrating the very high esteem and regard in which Bro. Wilson was held having led the Lodge through the difficult and anxious times of the Second World War.

1945   Saw the retiral of Bro. William Wark as Lodge Treasurer. Bro. Wark, who had served as Chaplain for one year, Secretary for six years and latterly as Treasurer through the War years, received a vote of thanks from the Brethren and was subsequently presented with a gift from the Lodge as a token of appreciation.

1946   Bro. David Miller, a member of the Lodge for 42 years who had filled many offices with merit and distinction, was presented with life membership. During his years of membership Bro. Miller had opted to pay annual dues rather than take out a life membership.

1955   On behalf of the Lodge, R.W.M. Bro. Keith Allan presented an engraved wrist watch to Bro. John McGregor on his retiring from the post of Director of Ceremonies after 20 years in office.

1958   Bro. Archibald Swan, who had been Lodge Organist for 10 years, received a presentation from the Brethren of a cigarette case and lighter in appreciation of his services.

1972   Bro. John Greer was presented with a Masonic Bible by the Brethren in appreciation of his services on the organ during the meetings. Bro. Greer suitably replied advising the brethren that whilst he affiliated to and eventually became Master of Lodge Buchlyvie No. 1268, he had never lost sight of the fact that Lodge Bannockburn Bruce and Thistle was his Mother Lodge and assured the brethren of his services in the coming years.

1977   A presentation was made to Bro. Thomas Duchart who had served as Tyler and Hallkeeper for 18 years from 1958 to 1976. Bro. Duchart had been an enthusiastic and regular attender since his initiation in 1936. This presentation consisted of an inscribed pewter tankard and a monetary gift. Sadly, Bro. Duchart passed to the Grand Lodge above only four weeks after this presentation.

1998   To mark 20 years as Lodge Treasurer, the Lodge presented an engraved Masonic Mallet to Bro. James G. Duffin P.M. In making the presentation on behalf of the brethren, Bro. James A. Smith P.M. and Secretary expressed the appreciation of the Lodge for the very hard work and commitment given by Bro. Duffin throughout his 35 years membership of '312'. During this period Bro. Duffin had risen through the various offices to become R.W.M. in 1974 and immediately upon retiring from the chair assumed the duties of Secretary for two years before becoming Treasurer in 1978.

During his tenure as Lodge Treasurer, Bro. Duffin had managed the financial affairs of the Lodge in a most professional manner. From an inherited situation of very serious financial difficulties and debt, he had guided the Lodge to a point whereby the funds and income were now in a very healthy state of affairs. In conclusion Bro. Smith wished Bro. Duffin health and prosperity to continue his duties as Lodge Treasurer.