New Office bearers for 2016-17

The RWM would like to take the opportunity to thank all his office bearers for the past session (2015-16) and congratulate both the New Master Elect Bro. Clint Swan and his duly elected team for the 2016-17 session.

Office Holder
Right Worshipful Master Bro. Clint W swan
Immediate Past Master Bro. Michael Gray PM
Depute Master  
Substitute Master Bro. Alan Gray PM
Senior Warden Bro. Derek Irvine Jnr
Junior Warden Bro. Thomas Irvine
Secretary Bro. Thomas J. Campbell PM
Treasurer Bro. Robert McGregor PM
Almoner Bro. Robert Cochrane Snr
Senior Deacon Bro. Paul Duffin
Junior Deacon Bro. Alan Duffin
Inner Guard Bro. David Stevenson
Director of Ceremonies Bro. James McCormick
Chaplain Bro. David Rankin
Jeweller Bro. Derek Irvine Snr
Bible Bearer Bro. Gregor McInnes
Sword Bearer Bro. Max Myles
Director of Music Bro. Alan Stevenson
Organist Bro. Robert Cochrane Jnr
Marshal Bro. Richard Kerry
Senior Steward Bro. Kenny Shaw
Junior Steward Bro. Fraser Russell
Assistant Steward Bro. Robbie Nimo
Tyler Bro. Barry Duffin