Passing of Brethern


It is not customary for the minute book to record in depth the tributes made to brethren on their passing . On occasion however a brother whose contribution to the Lodge, or perhaps some unique circumstance, is such that a special minute is recorded for posterity.

Whilst this section records some of these minutes, it is dedicated to all of the brethren of Lodge Bannockburn Bruce & Thistle No. 312 who have passed this way before us.

1867   The first minuted tribute to a late brother was in June 1867 when the passing  of one of the Lodge's founder members Bro. James Dobbie was recorded. The reference to Bro. Dobbie recorded him as "the man who with true Masonic principal gave the impulse to the erection of Lodge No. 312".

1870   Three years later the passing of founder member Bro. David McQue (McQew on charter) was intimated to the Brethren.

1874   The passing is recorded of Bro. Archibald Stevenson of the 42nd Regt (Black Watch). Bro. Black succumbed to fever on his return voyage from the Ashante Wars.

1875   In December the minute records "the deep sense of loss sustained by the Lodge in the strikingly sudden death of Bro. James Stevenson who had, for about half a century or more, been a consistent and active working member of the Lodge".

1907   The death was intimated of Bro. John Buchanan as a result of the riots in San Francisco. The Lodge wrote to his parents to convey the sympathy of the Brethren.

1922   As a result of the Plean Pit explosion, the Lodge lost three members, namely Bros.John Barlow; John Hunter and W.S.W. William Lennie.

1943   The R.W.M. informed the brethren of the loss of Bro. Hugh Sloan, Flight Sergeant, Royal Air Force who was killed while engaged in action over Sicily. The Lodge expressed regrets that our Brother had paid the ultimate sacrifice.

The sudden death occurred of the Provincial Grand Master and Honorary Member of Lodge Bannockburn Bruce and Thistle Bro. Daniel Robertson J.P. causing all Lodges within the Province to observe a three month period of mourning. The Lodge Minute of that date records a moving and appreciative tribute paid by the R.W.M. Bro. James Wilson.

1952   In February, the death of His Majesty King George VI, a Past Grand Master Mason of Scotland, was intimated to the Brethren. Two minutes silence was observed followed by the singing of Abide With Me, a favourite hymn of His Majesty.

1971   The Lodge was informed of the death of Bro. James Plank P.M. Bro. Plank served the Lodge as Master in 1931 - 1932 and was also a former Provost of the Royal Burgh of Stirling.

1976   The passing of Bro. John Morrison P.M. was intimated to the Brethren. Bro. Morrison, who served the Lodge as Master in 1933 - 1934, was also a Past Senior Provincial Grand Warden of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire. He was also a very prominent personality in the community, having spent his working life in his Chemist shop in Main Street.

1991   The passing of Bro. Frankie Jones was intimated to the brethren. Bro. Frankie was a past British Empire Bantam Weight Boxing Champion.

1993   The brethren were saddened to learn of the passing of the Tyler, Bro. Robert Hamilton. He had been a great servant to the Lodge, having held the office of Tyler for 20 years. He was also the hall-keeper and had served for many years as the Social Club Convener.

1993   In January 1999, the passing of Bro. James Collington P.M. was intimated to the brethren. Up until his final illness, even though 87 years of age, Bro. Collington was a regular attender of his Mother Lodge, Sister Lodges and The Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire. He rarely missed a quarterly communication of The Grand Lodge of Scotland in Edinburgh. Bro. Collington was an Honorary Member of Lodge Stirling Royal Arch No. 76 and Honorary Grand Jeweller of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Both of these honours, which came late in his life, were very special to him. His passing, in the Lodge's 175th year, was particularly sad as he had been looking forward to the event with great anticipation, having been the principal organiser of the 150th celebrations in 1974.