In May 1974 a deputation from the Lodge consisting of Bro. James Smith R.W.M., Bro. James Gardner I.P.M. and Bro. James Collington Secretary met in Edinburgh with the Grand Secretary to finalise details of the Lodge's 150th Re-dedication Service to be held on Friday 1st November in the Lodge with a Dinner to follow in the Albert Hall.

In October 1974 the Lodge purchased a complete set of Office-Bearers regalia, the cost being £1,113.80.

At the regular meeting on Thursday 31st October 1974, the night before the 150th Celebrations, Bro. David Ferrier conveyed the warm and fraternal greetings of his affiliate Lodge, Ponsonby No. 708 Scottish Constitution in New Zealand and presented greetings from Bro. Adam, the District Grand Master of North Island.  Bro. Ferrier had returned to his own Mother Lodge in Bannockburn in order to join with the Brethren in the 150th Anniversary celebrations.


1824 - 1974

Lodge Bannockburn Bruce and Thistle celebrated its 150th Anniversary by holding a Re-dedication Service followed by an Anniversary Dinner on Friday 1st November and a Divine Service in the Allan Church, Bannockburn on Sunday 3rd November.

The Grand Master Mason of Scotland, Bro. David Liddell Grainger of Ayton, C St.J., D.L., F.S.A. (Scot.), officiated at the Service of Re-dedication. Two Past Grand Masters Masons, the Earl of Elgin and Kincardine, D.L., J.P., M.A., and Sir Ronald Orr Ewing, Bt., D.L., J.P., were also at the ceremony which packed the Lodge Room.

To mark the 150th anniversary occasion, the Lodge donated £50 to the Grand Lodge of Scotland Benevolent Fund; £50 to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire Benevolent Fund; £50 to the Royal Scottish Masonic Home; and £50 to the Brucefield Children's Home at Balquidderock, Bannockburn.

The Grand Master Mason, Bro. David Liddell Grainger stated that the Brethren who had founded the Lodge and carried it on through the 150 years of their history had been men of vision who had upheld the principles of Freemasonry, with pride in their Lodge.

Thanking the R.W.M. Bro. James A. Smith for the contributions to the Benevolent Funds, the Grand Master Mason also commended the Lodge's help in a number of ways to the community.

A deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire also attended the ceremonies. It was headed by Bro. Dr. Hector C. Campbell, M.B.E., M.B., Ch.B., M.R.C.G.P. who presented £300 to Grand Lodge Benevolent Funds from Provincial Grand Lodge.

The Celebration Dinner was held in the Albert Hall, Stirling with some 300 Brethren in attendance. Toasts and replies given were :

"The Queen and the Craft"                                  Bro. James A. Smith R.W.M.

"The Grand Lodge of Scotland"                           Bro. Ian Chalmers P.M. 312

Reply                                                                The Grand Master Mason

"The Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire"       Bro. Dixon  P. Vallance P.M. 312

Reply                                                                The Provincial Grand Master

"Absent Brethren"                                               Bro. James S. Gardner I.P.M. 312

"Bannockburn"                                                   The Earl of Elgin & Kincardine

Reply                                                                 Bro. Dr. James R. Boyd No. 39

"Lodge Bannockburn Bruce & Thistle"                 Bro. John H. McLean P.M. No. 30

Reply                                                                 Bro. Ronald Kemp P.M. 312

"Visiting Brethren"                                              Bro. Dugald G. Bridgeman P.M.  312

Reply                                                                 Bro. George Malcolm P.M. No. 87

"The Artistes"                                                     Bro. James G. Duffin W.S.W. 312

Reply                                                                 Bro. James Fletcher M.M. 312

The Director of Ceremonies was Bro. Richard Todd.

The Artistes were Bro. Elliott Dobbie who was a member of the Grand Lodge Deputation; Entertainers Bro. James and Mrs. Fletcher; Bro. Alexander G. Smith M.M. No. 76 (Organist) and Bro. Ronald Kemp P.M.

Later in the proceedings, Mrs. Agnes Smith, wife of the R.W.M. presented a bouquet of flowers to Mrs. Fletcher.

On Sunday 3rd November a joint Divine Service was held with the Masters of Lodge Ancient Stirling No. 30; Lodge Stirling Royal Arch No. 76 and Lodge Abercromby No. 531 in attendance.

A deputation was received into the Lodge from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Stirlingshire headed by the Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Depute Bro. Angus Campbell.

The Lodge was adjourned at which time the Brethren assembled outside under the direction of Bro. Richard Todd, Acting Director of Ceremonies and Bro. Stewart Thompson, Marshal.

The assembled Brethren, led by local boy piper Master Young, paraded to the Allan Church where a most impressive service was conducted by Bro. Rev. George Gillon, Provincial Grand Chaplain.

On their return to the Lodge, the Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Depute Bro. Angus Campbell congratulated the Lodge on an excellent Divine Service, paying tribute to Bro. Rev. George Gillon, the piper Master Young and in particular the excellent turn out of Brethren.

At the next Regular Meeting on 11th November 1974 letters were read from the Grand Master Mason Bro. David Liddell Grainger of Ayton and from the Provincial Grand Master of Stirlingshire expressing their gratitude for the warm welcome received and the generous hospitality given them on the occasion of the Lodge's 150th Anniversary. They further requested that their congratulations should be passed to the organisers on the excellent arrangements.