484 Slamannan FC Degree

Last night the 18th October Bannockburn Bruce & Thistle were invited  along to Lodge Slamannan 484  to confer a FC degree on two of their candidates. It was a very proud occasion for Our RWM Bro Clint W Swan to head an outstanding deputation off 47 into lodge 484, which he thanks each and ever one of the brethren for their support to lodge 312.


The RWM Bro Derek Watson of lodge Slamannan 484 stood up at the end of the degree and revealed that they had bought a new lodge carpet and that Lodge Bannockburn Bruce & Thistle 312 were the first to carry out a degree on it.The RWM Bro Clint W Swan would like to thank the RWM Bro Derek Watson and lodge Slamannan 484 for the warmth and welcome they received last night, and also for their very kind hospitality. An excellent night was had by alll.


RWM Clint W Swan